denver gem show during covid-times

Gem shows are what drove me to make jewelry - I'll make this clear... I love rocks! It's crazy to me that I get to do this for a living, a dream come true for a lifelong rock/crystal and mineral lover. I learn so much at each of these shows and I work hard to study from my library of mineral books to learn more about these beautiful things as I can. The crystals I choose are completely by intuition, it is also dictated by the seller I have to say... I like to have a connection with the person who is selling the stones. However there is no shortage of passion for stones when you go to these rock & mineral shows - I like to find people with a particular kind of passion and give them my business. I am pretty good and finding the honesty in a person and it's really what I love, I look for these people and then spend some time with them, if they don't have time for me I usually don't get involved with them because I'm too old for that sort of thing and I want to work with people who see it all as a collaboration. I was lucky to find some very lovely people at this last show (run incredibly well during Covid, everyone was wearing a mask, social distancing - they kept the number of people allowed in the auditorium very low, and everyone had hand sanitizer) and I came away with an incredible selection that I can hardly wait to get started on.... and inspiration.... in abundance! So look forward to my new work coming at you soon..... catching up for now, but I have so many ideas floating around and ready to get started soon!