Remodelista and Carina Schott

Our friend Sara Lonsdale of Remodelista wrote about our home, my blog and life with a family who's parent's both work from home (that's us!). There are many couples who make life work when one parent is working from home but in our case it's both of us - my husband is an artist (Karim Hamid) and me with my shop Nonchalantmom. I have to say it's not a way to live a stress-free life, I really wish that at least ONE of us had a normal job but we were both tied to the idea of being our own boss (well maybe that's me, my husband has always considered himself and artist even as a young boy). I remember telling him, "come on... let's get married it will be fun!" well it's been a bit of that but it's also been a who bunch of stress. Our article on Remodelista will give you an inside to our day to day life and our beautiful home in Rhode Island. Link to story here