Welcome to my journal

You may remember me as Nonchalantmom - people used to call me THE nonchalantmom but I can assure you there are many! I had a large following of new mom's, we were an intelligent group and I peppered my posts with humor, recipes on how to cook in a more natural way, with a bit of a macrobiotic bent - now that eating whole foods is more common (thank god!) I think my recipes will still be loved after all these years! and hey... I still use them! We did a lot of photos of my kids in the clothing that I carried in my fantastic shop - Nonchalantmom. And we also enjoyed writing about travel and parents from around the world. So as you can see it was a massively popular blog and we had a lot of fun doing it. Now, when I am visiting NYC I meet lot's of people with teenage kids who tell me my blog was part of their routine as a new parent, I can't tell you how much I love hearing this because if you have ever had a blog you will know, I always wondered if anyone way reading it!

I am excited to start journaling, we have moved, traveled, changed our lives in big ways and I can't wait to see what my voice becomes in this new age. The photo above is of our old home in Rhode Island, we re-built (renovated a 1950's modernist home) that home in 2004 - it was gorgeous and we loved it so much but we now live in Colorado where we love it!